Documents Required for Turkish Visa

The correct documentation requirements for a Turkey visit visa File preparation are crucial, for ensuring a smooth and successful application process. To help you better understand the necessary documents and requirements, here is a comprehensive list of typical documents you may need when applying for a Turkey tourist visa:


Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your intended date of departure from Turkey. It should also have a few blank pages for visa stamps.

Pictures (Mat format 2*2 size):

Generally, 2 Mat format 2*2 size with a white background is required. Specific dimensions and guidelines can vary, so check with the Turkish embassy or consulate for precise requirements.

Proof of Travel Plan:

This includes flight reservations, hotel bookings, and a detailed travel itinerary outlining your planned stay in Turkey.

Family Registration Certificate (FRC):

The FRC is a government-issued document that contains details of your immediate family members. It’s often required to establish your family ties and background. You can obtain an FRC from NADRA in Pakistan.

Tax Returns of the Previous 2 Years:

You have to provide copies of your income tax returns for the last two years. These returns should be filed with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Pakistan and demonstrate your financial history and compliance with tax regulations.

Bank Account Maintenance Certificate:

A bank account maintenance certificate, you can obtain this from your bank.

Bank Statement:

Copy of recent bank statement which demonstrates your financial ability to cover your travel expenses.

Employment or Business Documents:

If you are employed, provide an employer’s letter verifying your employment status, salary, and leave approval. If self-employed or a business owner, provide a business registration certificate from any association and letterhead.

Additional Documents:

Additional documents are required depending on the requirements of the embassy.

Please note that

The requirements for a Turkey tourist visa can change, so it’s essential to verify the most up-to-date information with the Turkish embassy or you can visit our office Pro Consultants in Sialkot. It’s also recommended to begin the application process well in advance of your planned travel date to allow for any potential delays or processing times.